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Bellberry Limited (Bellberry) is governed by a board of non-executive directors.  The Board is responsible for the appropriate management of Bellberry and ensuring the strategic objectives of the company are met.  The Board discharges these responsibilities through an ongoing program of meetings, engagement with the Chief Exective Officer (CEO), appraisal and approval of annual operating budgets, governance structures and company policies. Bellberry, the Company, has very carefully ensured it has no influence on the decision making of its Committees.  The fees charged are for the review of a study, regardless of the outcome.  Fees are determined by the Board and CEO and are managed separately to the Committees.  The Committees do not see financial statements of the Company and have no involvement in this facet of the business.

Mr Fraser Bell (Chair)
Mr Mark Allen
Mr Malcolm Crompton AM
Professor Emeritus Lloyd Sansom AO
Ms Imelda Lynch
Hon John Hill
Professor Ian Frazer AC

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We exist to promote and improve the welfare of research participants and the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of research.  We do this by:
•  providing Human Research Ethics Committees which set the benchmark for ethical review and enhances Australia’s competitive position in clinical trials research, and
•  financially supporting medical research in Australia.

Donation Model expand
Bellberry’s not for profit status has been important to Bellberry’s Directors from the outset as they recognised the benefits research has on the health outcomes for Australians. Since its inception, the Company’s altruistic model has seen the operational functions of the business supported first and any surplus money donated to human medical research undertaken within Australia.

How are donation recipients selected? The Board recognises that the selection of appropriate research is better placed with organisations that have appropriate expertise and selection processes in place.  As a result, applications for funding are not accepted. The donations focus on research projects from the NHMRC round of grants and are provided to assist PhD students and researchers within the university sector.  Approaches are made by the Directors to a single university on the basis that a grant will be made to the university.  The university then determines which of the relevant NHMRC grant applications should receive the funding. The Directors are very proud that over $3.5 million has been donated to Australian research  since 2004.


Bellberry continued supporting the Fellowship scheme in conjunction with the Viertel Foundation. The Bellberry-Viertel Fellow for 2017 is Associate Professor Di Yu from the Department of Immunology and Infectious Disease, Australian National University.  A/Prof Yu will work on investigating the differentiation and function of novel cytotoxic T cell subset, with the aim of harnessing this newly idenitifed cell type to come up with new ways to treat diseases including HIV and B cell lymphoma.

Applications for 2018 open on the first day of February. Applications close on the last day of April. Information about the application process can be found here


Bellberry is excited to be launching a new Bellberry Fellowship scheme. Bellberry Fellowships in partnership with the Viertel Foundation, will provide support for an initial 3-year term, with an additional 2 years available to Fellows demonstrating exceptional progress. Supplementary funding will be available to support dissemination of research findings.

Check back soon for more information, or register your interest to receive the pack when it becomes available by emailing:

The Bellberry Viertel Research Fellow for 2016 was Marnie Blewitt. Marnie completed her PhD with Prof. Emma Whitelaw at The University of Sydney, developing a sensitised mutagenesis screen for novel epigenetic modifiers in the mouse, for which she was awarded the Genetics Society of Australia DG Catcheside prize. Marnie took up a Peter Doherty Post-doctoral fellowship with Prof. Douglas Hilton at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. In her post-doctoral studies, she continued to work on the novel protein Smchd1 that she identified in her PhD, analysed its critical role in X inactivation, and studied the role of polycomb group proteins in hematopoietic stem cell function. This work earned her the AAS Gani medal and the L’Oreal Australia Women in Science fellowship 2009. In 2010, Marnie established her own group at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute as an ARC QEII fellow, working on the molecular mechanisms of epigenetic control in haematopoietic stem cells, neural stem cells and in X chromosome inactivation. She is now a NHMRC RD Wright fellow. Her recent work earned her the Financial Review 100 Women of Influence Award 2013 and Lorne Genome Conference Inaugural Women in Science Award 2015. In addition to her laboratory interests, Marnie’s interests extend to Gender Equity as the Co-Chair of the WEHI Gender Equity Committee, and free online science education as the creator and course instructor for the only available online course on Epigenetics.


$100,000 to support international scientific meetings discussing the ethical issues of early treatment switching in oncology clinical trial design. This project will publish guidance documentation for clinical trial design.


  • $400,000 to James Cook University for supplementary support of NHMRC grant applicants
  • $200,000 to the Menzies Centre in Darwin to support indigenous research
  • $200,000 to the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute to support research within the Mind and Brain research theme and
  • $140,000 to the Fremantle Hospital Medical Research Foundation to support two medical research scholarships in partnership with Curtin and Murdoch Universities.


  • $120,000 to Professor Sandra Eades at The University of Sydney to establish the Bellberry Scholarship in Indigenous Health and Biostatistics
  • $120,000 to Professor Simon Stewart from the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute to support a PhD scholarship in cardiovascular research


  • $300,000 University of Western Sydney for supplementary support of NHMRC grant applicants
  • $  30,000 Flinders University to fund community health placements for students conducting research in Vietnam


  • $  60,000 ARC Linkage Project addressing regulatory challenges generated by surgical innovation
  •  $300,000 University of Wollongong for supplementary support of NHMRC grant applicants
  •  $100,000 University of South Australia for medical research scholarships
  •  $100,000 Edith Cowan University Research fellowship


  •  $300,000 University of Newcastle for supplementary support of NHMRC grant applicants
  •  $   5,000 Australian Association of Bioethics and Health Law Conference
  • $100,000 Deakin University for PhD scholarships in medicine


  • $300,000 Flinders University for supplementary support of NHMRC grant applicants
  • $ 20,000 Cardiovascular Outcomes Research Unit at Flinders Medical Centre
  • $ 50,000 The Florey Adelaide Male Ageing Study
  • $ 20,000 Monash University Multiple Sclerosis research
  • $ 60,000 Private Cancer Physicians Australia
  • $ 40,000 St John of God/Edith Cowan University to support a PhD student
  • $ 50,000 The George Institute to support the Yajilarra Project


  • $ 70,000 Telethon Institute for Childhood Health Research in Western Australia to support research into less common childhood cancers
  • $ 50,000 The George Institute for International Health in New South Wales
  • $ 20,000 Monash University to assist with an informed consent study for participants in clinical trials
  • $ 20,000 Monash University providing continued support to  Professor Claude Bernard
  • $ 20,000 Monash University Accident Research Centre
  • $ 50,000 University of Adelaide for support with stem cell research


  • $100,000 University of South Australia for the inaugural Bellbery Scholarship to support a PhD student in the area of research and/or ethics
  • $  80,000 Monash University to support the work of Professor    Komasaroff and his research into obesity and to further support Professor Bernard and his multiple sclerosis research
  • $ 40,000 Royal District Nursing Society to undertake a study into the management of palliative care medication in the home
  • $  40,000 Queensland Institute Medical Research to assist in the upgrade of their FACS machine


  • $  30,000 Flinders Medical Centre Foundation to aid the building      of   the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer
  • $  20,000 Monash University to support the work of Professor Claude Bernard and his research into multiple sclerosis

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Our Privacy Policy gives effect to our commitment to provide an excellent and high quality service that respects the privacy of our staff and protects the highly confidential personal information we hold about HREC members, researchers and their research projects.

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Please click here to access the Bellberry Organisational Chart.