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Bellberry is committed to continual business and quality improvement and implemented an online submission system called eProtocol in 2009.

eProtocol was developed in the United States by Key Solutions and is used widely across hospitals and universities. The eProtocol software enables you to lodge applications electronically and to track the progress of your applications at all times.

The system will reduce the many frustrations associated with paper based submissions.

Please use the menu on the Right Hand Side of the page to help you navigate around the site.

To access the system you will require a user name and password.  In order to get these please complete the registration on the eProtocol log in page.

The How to Apply information will provide you with a quick overview of how to lodge an application.

Click here to access eProtocol help for detailed submission assistance and to download a copy of the Bellberry User Guide – UPDATED 14 June 2012.  Bellberry will not accept paper based submissions.

Please note that the Bellberry Policies are for personal use only and not for distribution.

For assistance please contact